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Online Marketing was not a profession I aspired to be involved in. In general I think most marketing is a ‘shady’ business made up of what I call ‘perception marketing’ – you don’t necessarily have to be honest to be successful. If you have a good graphic artist and marketing team, you could essentially sell anything.  But I am excited, because Online Marketing is changing the game – Authenticity, Value and Trust are becoming the pillars of success.

I got into Online Marketing by accident – at 17 I needed some money so I entered a Logo Design Competition on DesignCrowd.com and won my first competition with an extra $200 in my bank account ($188 when you take out DesignCrowd’s cut). Winning!

This gave me the confidence I needed to step out of my slump and be productive, before I knew it I had made about $1,000 on Design Crowd and eventually built a website for my Dad’s Roofing Contracting Company using Adobe Muse. Soon after the website went live, there was a marketing company pestering my Dad to run Google Ads, so Dad went along with it and ended up paying $500/month for 2 clicks per day. I thought, surely I could do this better and convinced Dad to let me take on the job for FREE. I did, but didn’t watch the budget properly and spent $1000 in one month on Ads that did not increase revenue or calls. Money was tight at the time and I felt sick…. This feeling has driven me to drive campaign that work and understand that for a business, the investment in Online Marketing needs to pay a ROI. I needed to learn how to do this. 6 months later, I had my Dad as Number #4 on Google Organic Search for the most popular search term ‘Roofing Townsville’ and he was generating 2-3 calls per week without paid ads. We soon forgot about the $1000 lost in Google Ads. What’s most important is that you learn from failures, I have taken this lesson and applied it to the clients I work with.

This was in 2013, that same year I went to Thailand and came across this amazing Tea Product which I believe will be hugely successful in the Western Market. Since then, I have put a tremendous amount of my time and energy into learning how to market products online, branding, business building and the entrepreneurial journey. I haven’t launched this product yet – not ready.

The best advice I was given for the tea is “If it is as good as you think it is, it will still be worth the same in 5 years time – don’t rush the process. Particularly with High Value Products”… So this is exactly what I am doing. Patience.

In my journey of learning about business, online marketing I have steadily built up a client portfolio from Sports Doctor Clinics, Plumbers & Inspirational Blogs.  I have never advertised but have one work through connections, word of mouth and a dose of youthful enthusiasm.

Since 2013 I have obtained my Diploma of Business (I learnt more form Rich Dad, Poor Dad), built over 50 websites and doubled my income where online marketing is now a gig which can support me without a part-time job. Except, I still work part time, because I am reinvesting my money into business ideas and playing for the long term.

What I have discovered is that to be successful in this game, it’s all about the value you can provide your client. Whether that be latest trends, ways to save money and how to optimise processes.

At the end of the day, you can build a free website on wix.com and learn how to run a Google Ad Campaign on Youtube. But most times business owners don’t have time for this, so that’s where I step in.

I not only provide a comprehensive list of resource for online marketing based on strategies I have implemented. I also offer a service to do the work if you don’t have the time. The process is transparent and you can be sure the work I do for you is no gimmick.